Panacea Pain Relief Balm

Our Ultra Strength Pain Relief Balm was an idea that was brought to us by the President of The South African Arthritis Foundation.  As the members were using the oil orally, they were asking for a topical solution to use just for the affected areas.

Following their request, we developed the required product. The members were happy to test it and we gave 50 samples to take home. 90% of the group experienced instant relief from their pain and came back with a positive feedback; “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Arthritis Foundation Acting CEO A. vd Watt, who was present at the Helderberg trial in Somerset West in the Western Cape. “A veterinarian surgeon whose fingers had curled inward was astounded to find he could instantly uncurl them.” Other participants had equally astonishing results. “I know it sounds hard to believe, but a pharmacist who had arrived on crutches due to an extremely painful knee, started to leave the room at the end of the session, when the group had to call him back – he had forgotten his crutches.

Delighted customers have called our new Panacea Ultra Strength Pain Relief Balm a “Life Changing Product”. Our cannabis cream treats the arthritis and muscle pain so effectively. There are no side effects which are usually associated with pharmaceutical drugs. These can include stomach issues, liver and kidney damage, bleeding ulcers and other issues. We promote our pain relief cannabis cream at rehabilitation facilities, with medical professionals, massage therapists, athletes and of course, arthritis sufferers. Panacea has been tried and tested (although not on animals) and is a safe analgesic that really works.

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