CBD Oil Capsules

Panacea CBD oil Capsules avaliable @ Cannabis Therapy.

CBD Oil Capsules are pre-dosed and combined with 100% organic coconut oil for greater absorption. Solvent-free extraction and zero heavy metals present. Currently available through us directly or via our established reseller network throughout South Africa. 

Our Panacea Oil capsules contain CBD 1: 1 THC blend which is the best alternative treatment for number for serious illnesses and diseases. One of them being cancer, which we have seen extremely great results in treating. Whether to fight cancer on its own or as complimentary support during chemotherapy – this cannabis oil product is a must.

The Panacea capsules are also receiving great reviews with regards to treatment of anxiety, pain relief and stress disorders. Although a bit too strong for mild conditions, it is perfect to treat anything prohibiting a person from living their life to the fullest. No matter how ill they are.