Cannabis Oil Dosage & Treatment Guidelines

Choosing to take medical cannabis as your personal natural medication is a big step away from controlling pharmaceuticals. Many cannabis dispensaries and doctors who believe in the herb are saying that self-medication is best. Learning how to self-dose is important when choosing cannabis as every person is different and every dose will be different.

Cannabis also varies in intensity and affects young people, old people, sick people and healthy people differently. Remember that taking CBD is non-toxic and will not affect you negatively. Taking THC will give you a high – make you feel euphoric – and may cause other side effects if not managed. Taking CBD and THC as a blend, where CBD is stronger, works well as the psychoactive qualities of the THC are then mitigated. CBD is non-psychotic and an antioxidant.

There is really no such thing as overdosing with CBD, a natural antioxidant which is non-psychoactive. But you need to be careful when dosing with THC as you may feel the side effects. But even so, they will not harm you in the way that overdosing with pharmaceuticals can harm the patient. Taking too much THC may cause psychosis for a while, a bit of paranoia and maybe the munchies – but will not leave lasting damage.

Most people who choose to take cannabis oil as their medication do play around a bit with the dose to see how much they need before they feel the effects. Taking CBD during the day will probably make you drowsy. Taking it at night is better and then the dose can be increased. Use trial and error dosing until you find the right dose for your condition and you.

Taking cannabis oil orally is the best approach as it is convenient and can go with you in your handbag. Oral medication allows instant relaxation and has a good impact on the brain. Be sure to let the cannabis have time to make a difference.

Hard drugs have a huge impact on your body and mind, so allow this gentle medication to do its work gently and naturally. Don’t expect side effects, just expect to be healed. Use capsules or tinctures. The oil will soothe the intestinal tract, decreasing inflammation and assisting patients with digestive issues. Capsules act rapidly, being useful for chronic diseases. Other options include juicing, edibles, suppositories and inhaling.