There are several reasons why Chinese women don’t get breast cancer. Most of these are related to diet. Breast cancer is rife worldwide. According to the South African Cancer Association (CANSA), white women have the highest risk, with one in 12 diagnosed positive. The lifetime risk for mixed-race and Asian women is one in 18. The risk for black women is one in 49. 2. It is now a national priority, with more cases emerging. It is the main cancer affecting South African women. There is a lifetime risk of 1 in 26 in women in South Africa. In 2010 in China, 55 000 women died from breast cancer.

Why Chinese Women Don't Get Breast Cancer

Chinese Women Eat Healthy Foods to Avoid Cancer

In China, people eat food to nourish their minds and bodies. They don’t think about food in terms of getting fat, or counting calories, or dieting. They eat food that they enjoy, and it is their fuel for that day. More than half of the Chinese diet is vegetables. They treat vegetables as a main meal, not as an add-on to a meal. They eat three good balanced meals a day, and they eat until they are full. They do get full when they eat a combination of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables.

Chinese women eat a watery fermented dish with every meal, be it a soup or a porridge. These are natural probiotics, contributing to a healthy gut. The Chinese also eat chillies to aid digestion and garlic to deal with toxins – with nearly every meal. They also sip green tea, a natural anti-oxidant and fighter of free radicals. They prefer gentle, regular exercise, like Tai Chi. Chinese people do not eat any dairy.

Why Western Women Get Cancer

Western women are quite the opposite of Chinese women. They treat food as a reward, packed with sugar and fat and calories, to make them fat. They deny themselves foods on strange diets, eating way too much thereafter. The Western diet these days consists mainly of processed foods out of packets. Or foods cooked to death and as far removed from fresh as possible. Vegetables are usually an add-on to meals heated up instantly.

Westerners eat huge portions, too many times a day. They drink water or beer or wine with their food, adding to indigestion and weight gain that they want to escape. Western people drink lots of coffee, alcohol and sweetened drinks. They rush off to do intense spurts of exercise at the gym – indoors instead of outdoors. And all the while, they feel guilty and ashamed. They feel sick, thanks to the foods they choose. Western women love dairy, a vital ingredient in many processed foods.

Why Do Some Women Get Cancer?

What is my point? Western women get breast cancer. Doctors say that breast cancer is caused by a genetic abnormality. This results from the quality of life itself and age. The best way to avoid breast cancer is to eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercises, have a positive outlook on life and limit toxins in the diet. Some women inherit breast cancer but can still take steps to avoid it at all costs. Be as healthy as possible. There are several success stories about people who fought breast cancer and won. Professor Jane Plant is one such woman who learnt all her lessons from Chinese women.

Professor Plant and Breast Cancer

Jane got breast cancer despite eating a low-fat diet. She and her husband deduced that the Chinese do not eat dairy products. Therefore they don’t get cancer. Increasing research is finding that milk causes allergies, lactose intolerance and other issues in children and adults. Many processed foods include dairy products. Jane’s cancer started to spread, and she had lumps in her neck.

She stopped eating dairy, and her tumours began to shrink. She took up regular meditation and watched her tumours disappear. A book called The China Study reports in detail about research done in China regarding diet and cancer. Author T.Colin Campbell looked into the Chinese diet and why there is a direct link between nutrition and heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Recent Studies Into Dairy and Breast Cancer

Recently, the relationship between lifestyle, dietary factors and the risk of breast cancer has been extensively studied because the diet is considered one of the modifiable risk factors for breast cancer. This recent study highlights the ambiguities in eating dairy and getting breast cancer. Some compounds in dairy products could increase the chances of someone getting cancer, while others decrease the chances as they fight cancer.

In another study, it was found that: Some dairy products, such as whole milk and many types of cheese, have a relatively high saturated fat content, which may increase risk. Moreover, milk products may contain contaminants such as pesticides, which have carcinogenic potential, and growth factors such as insulin-like growth factor I, which have been shown to promote breast cancer cell growth. In contrast, the calcium and vitamin D contents of dairy products have been hypothesized to reduce breast cancer risk. 

The American Cancer Society advocates eating a healthy, balanced diet to avoid breast cancer and to avoid being obese or overweight. Choose low-fat foods, less sugar and be careful about taking vitamin supplements. Fresh food should provide all the necessary vitamins anyway. The cancer society says there is no evidence against dairy as yet that it causes breast cancer or that eating soy will prevent certain cancers. The general advice is to avoid alcohol, cigarettes, processed foods and too much food and fresh are best. Get exercise, stay positive and enjoy a healthy social life.

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