The never-ending search for a cancer cure brings us to alkaline water. What is alkaline water, and what can it do for cancer? Like everything in life, there are benefits and risks, pros and cons, in the ingestion of anything in excess. We are all familiar with the saying, “Everything in Moderation”, but just how bad can water be for you? And what exactly is alkaline water?

Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, so most cancer patients start a strict alkaline diet when they are diagnosed. Alkaline foods include organic fruits and vegetables, beans and other pulses, whole grains, sprouts, grasses, nuts and seeds and cold-pressed plant oils. Now you can add alkaline water to the mix for your cancer. This will help to fight the acid in your bloodstream, at the same time improving your metabolism and assisting your body to absorb important vitamins better. When your body is brimming with alkaline goodness, the cancer cells have no real food to keep them alive – pH levels are balanced, and the cancer is supposed to slow down and even stop. But is this true?

Alkaline Water and Cancer

What is alkaline water?

There is not enough research into the effects of alkaline water on cancer, as this is an alternative therapy and far too cheap for pharmaceutical concerns to promote the idea. All the facts about alkaline water are true, but there is no proof that it can treat cancer at all!

The best part about drinking alkaline water when you have cancer is that it hydrates your body, improves symptoms of acid reflux and other signs of acidity. When the World Health Organisation (WHO) updated the guidelines on the quality of drinking water, they did not mention what pH it should be.

Keep Your pH Balanced.

Celebrities and those with money to spend and looks to preserve are big into alkaline water as the new discovery to keep them young. While it may soothe acid reflux, they claim it also neutralises acid in the bloodstream. This raises oxygen levels which then improves energy levels and metabolism. They believe it is a natural antioxidant and cleans out the colon, revives the skin and oils joints and muscles. Another health gimmick, we think? Alkaline water is less acidic than tap water, and now it comes bottled and ready to drink. Acidic foods and drinks are below seven on the pH scale, while alkaline items are above 7. But drinking alkaline water to balance the acidity in the body will not work for everyone.

Alkaline water may be good for cancer patients as it contains high levels of calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate – all health benefits for anyone who has any disease. Think about it, though: everyone has a unique pH in their body, and each body works hard to maintain its pH at a balanced level. A normal pH is usually 7.4. If your pH becomes unbalanced (too acidic, for example), you need to get to the bottom of this and find out the cause of this imbalance. If you have cancer, drinking alkaline water will help. Your chemotherapy or general body status quo may not agree with the alkaline water, and then your pH is out of balance anyway.

It Is All in the pH: Acid or Alkaline.

When you have cancer, your cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, not an alkaline environment. Researchers are trying to find out why the tissues around the cancerous tumour are acidic and think it could be that this helps the tumour use oxygen and make more energy. Downing litres of alkaline water will not help cancer go away, but it might stop its growth.

The Choice is Yours – Alkaline Water and Cancer

Make your own alkaline water if you think it will assist you in the fight against cancer. You can get special filters for your taps, or you can add drops to your tap water to make it more alkaline. A water ioniser can change your tap water into a more alkaline liquid. While alkaline water is not a recognised treatment for cancer, it is your choice whether you take it or not to reduce the acidity in your body. No matter what, you are detoxing your body and improving its health, its immune strength – and that is good enough to resist cancer anyway. Make sure you educate yourself about alkaline water and find out your own pH in your body before you decide this is the cure for cancer. It may help you in the fight against cancer, but there is no proof as yet that it cures cancer.

Feel free to chat with us about any of your health needs. And remember that cannabis oil from Cannabis Therapy is a panacea in itself and can help you find relief from both the symptoms of cancer and chemotherapy.