Why is Medical Grade Cannabis Oil so Expensive?

Why is medical grade cannabis oil so expensive? Cannabis oil is the new in thing with regards to treating a whole host of medical issues. Panacea oil only produced medical grade oil. We are often asked by prospective patient why medical grade cannabis oil is so expensive. When compared to crude RSO syringe oil products. The answer is simple. To produce a medical grade product takes expensive equipment. Experienced lab technicians and most importantly high grade medical grade cannabis.

Cannabis Oil is Expensive to Produce

Why is Medical Grade Cannabis Oil so Expensive

It takes 10 grams of high quality medical grade cannabis to produce 1 gram of (1000mg) of high quality cannabis oil. The cost of 1 gram of high quality medical grade cannabis is anywhere between R120 and R150 per gram. At Cannabis Therapy we also focus on using the best technology available to extract the cannabis oil, without the need to add harmful solvents.

How Much Cannabis Oil is Enough?

Why is Medical Grade Cannabis Oil so Expensive

Many prospective patients ask us how much oil they must take. The suggested guidelines state that 90 grams of oil will basically attack any form of cancer. In many cases, this dosage has resulted in remission. Patients need to realise that the sooner you start your cannabis oil treatment, the sooner your body has a fighting chance to beat whatever disease or cancer you are suffering from.

The general rule of thumb is: the more you consume in the shortest period possible is the ideal solution. Our team advises that once you have started a cannabis oil treatment protocol, have a scan or follow-up doctor visit to confirm the progress. Our cannabis oil protocol will seriously aid any conventional intervention you choose, for example chemotherapy. Use our product to have a strong chance of beating the odds.

Why is Medical Grade Cannabis Oil so Expensive

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