There are ways and means today to avoid buying contaminated cannabis. Cannabis is so available these days in many parts of the world. At Cannabis Therapy, we only promote pure, natural and organic cannabis products. For us, finding contaminated cannabis is quite difficult. We know how to avoid buying cannabis that is contaminated as this is vital to our health, our health and the reputation that precedes us.

Beware of the growers out there who have huge cannabis crops, are doing well financially and evading all regulations. It does not matter how successful your cannabis crop is. But every cannabis grower, cannabis product manufacturer and distributor must follow strict rules and regulations.

How to Avoid Buying Contaminated Cannabis

Be Aware of Commercially Grown Cannabis

The cannabis industry has taken off in many American and Canadian states, where it is now legal. Commercial growers are so keen to be the best growers, to make the most money and to have the most clients that they are now using pesticides to maintain their crops. This is a short cut that could end up being a long-term problem. It makes their cannabis product toxic. Their clients could take them to court if they get ill from using contaminated cannabis. How do you now avoid buying such contaminated cannabis products?

If you are buying raw cannabis in order to smoke it or make your own oils and tinctures, you need to test your cannabis carefully for contaminants.

Test for Contaminants Before Use

  • Test it visually – inspect the bud of the plant with a magnifying glass. Contaminants will look like white coverings on the stems of the buds. The buds will be harder to check as they are intricate. The substance may resemble tiny white crystals.
  • Test it with touch – feel the cannabis to see if there is a chalky dry feeling. You may feel what resembles grains of sugar or grit.
  • Test it with smell – hold the cannabis up to your nose and take a whiff. It should smell organic and welcoming, not like a chemical or mouldy.

Watch out for Mould and Bacteria

Mouldy cannabis can also contain bacteria and yeast. These substances can be very dangerous when consumed. A media company in Canada tested a few products from cannabis dispensaries in Toronto. They found that most of the cannabis was contaminated. They found that the owners of such outlets were ignorant of this. The cannabis being sold legally in Canada is therefore failing every health standard they are expected to pass.

Yet, who is testing the contaminated cannabis? Cannabis Therapy feels very strongly about this: we offer only pure, organic and natural cannabis products to our clients. We urge you to be careful of the black market where there is no regulation whatsoever. Be careful of people only out to make a fast buck.

Cannabis Therapy Avoids Contaminated Cannabis

At Cannabis Therapy, you can acquire pure Cannabis Oil Tinctures. This solution of cannabis oil is made with an organic coconut butter carrier liquid, increasing absorption. We know that our tinctures contain all 80 essential cannabinoids to make all the difference to your health. Our cannabis capsules are pre-dosed and combined with 100% organic coconut butter for greater absorption. We do not use any other ingredient besides pure organic coconut butter and cannabis oil. The capsules are made of natural gelatin easily absorbed by the body. The same goes for the recent addition to our product family. Our Panacea Pain Relief Cannabis Balm is manufactured from the purest organic ingredients: cannabis oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, shea butter and various healing essential oils.

If you want to know how to avoid buying contaminated cannabis:

  • Check all regulations surrounding cannabis in your area.
  • stick to reputable sellers and dispensaries
  • do your research and find out where everyone else is getting their cannabis
  • Find out if anyone has been ill from their cannabis.

Do the tests as above. If you have to spend more money on quality goods. In the end, it is your health on the line. Who wants to spend hundreds of Rands at a doctor after taking a so-called cannabis therapy? Chat to Cannabis Therapy about our organic cannabis products. We avoid contaminated cannabis.