Cannabis oil is an extremely powerful natural treatment for a whole range of issues and illnesses. Our team at Cannabis Therapy have put this article together to clearly explain some of the many health benefits that clearly makes Cannabis recently one of the most effective alternative forms of medical therapy.

Cannabis oil is an established medical therapy that has been on the scene for a very long time. But what exactly is cannabis oil, and how can it be of value to me? Cannabis Oil is a concentrated, potent essence of cannabis hash. There are a number of ways that Cannabis is refined to create the various products that are used specifically for medical purposes. We do not use solvents in the production of our products. Therefore you can be assured that you will be receiving a pure, high-quality product at all times.

Cannabis Oil in  South Africa

THC vs CBD Oil Explained

There are two primary key elements that are actively desired by all cannabis consumers and all professional cannabis producers that refiners. The two primary elements that are of interest are firstly the Cannabis plants Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) elements. It’s generally found that cannabis strains that are particularly high with regard to CBD and relatively low with regard to THC are sought after within the professional medical cannabis industry. What we do is produce products that are extremely high in terms of CBD content and relatively low with regards to THC. The end result is that you can safely take our products and get all the benefits of Cannabis without the negative high that is commonly associated with THC.

Can cannabis oil cure cancer?

There has recently been a lot of articles and information on the internet that clearly shows that Cannabis products are an effective way of fighting and, in some cases killing cancer. We have a large number of clients who swear that Cannabis cured them of their cancer in the end. It’s available and clearly healthier than conventional therapies that are on the market for cancer. The ease of dosing and relatively cheap price point means that our therapy is available to many people who would normally struggle to get their hands on quality medical treatment.

Does cannabis oil get you stoned?

As mentioned, if you take a cannabis product that is got a high level of THC, then then you will get a high feeling. But we specifically produce products that are low in THC and extremely high in CBD. This means you get all the benefits of Cannabis without the high.

Where can I buy cannabis oil in South Africa?

Suppose you are really interested in our Cannabis products. Please do not hesitate to contact us today. We will offer dosage advice, and our product can be discreetly shipped throughout South Africa.

How much does cannabis oil cost in South Africa?

The price of Cannabis oil varies from supplier to supplier. We only use the best product and technology to produce our oils. Suppose you would like to know more about how to source quality cannabis oil in South Africa. Please do not hesitate to contact us today. Stronger versions and capsules will be quoted on order by order basis. Our product is produced from the best product available and created in a world-class laboratory environment. You can be assured that not only will you get a quality product, but also a clean one.