Cannabis Therapy takes a closer look at five health benefits of cannabis oil for medical conditions. We know that there are thousands of more health benefits of cannabis oil. Looking closely at just 5 starts the process of awareness among our readers. Many articles on cannabis oil and health, and many questions are being asked. More people want to know how and why they should use cannabis oil to fix their health issues or maintain their present health conditions. Many people do not know the differences between cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Health Comes From a Balanced Immune System

5 Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Look at the body and mind as an interconnected system that works holistically. If the reason gets sick or negative, the body also gets sick. If you feel stressed out, your mind is full of negative and angry thoughts. Your body then starts to react – pain, stiffness, stomach issues, lack of sleep, lack of appetite or overeating, and so it continues. If you feel fulfilled and happy, you relax into your body. Everything works like clockwork. Many diseases are caused by unhappiness, stress or depression (diseases of the mind).

CBD and THC Cannabinoids Can Benefit Your Health

Take cannabis oil daily to boost the health of your body and mind. Cannabis oil comprises nearly 200 different cannabinoids, the two most commonly used for medicinal purposes being cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD has no side effects and works wonders as a health panacea. It is not only a natural anti-inflammatory but also a pain killer, sleep inducer and appetite stimulant. On the other hand, THC affects the brain as it is psychoactive. It makes the user high, and many people like to feel this euphoria, choosing THC as a recreational drug.

Meanwhile, THC is also a natural opiate and can help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. When patients mix CBD and THC, the blend mitigates the psychoactive qualities of the THC and is a powerful medication. Make CBD oil by extracting the CBD from the cannabis and immersing it in an organic carrier oil like coconut or olive oil. More studies reveal how CBD can heal chronic pain and anxiety. It can also assist cancer patients with their symptoms and their chemotherapy’s side effects.


5 Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

  1. Anti-inflammatory – inflammation is the root cause of most diseases. It is also related to autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or type 1 diabetes. Inflammation is an opposing force in the body which creates an immune imbalance. The immune system could start to attack its tissues if action is not taken immediately. Inflammation can also be a healthy response as the body tries to heal something. We need to understand that if we have inflammation, we can help the body fight it – CBD is the definitive therapy. CBD offers natural anti-inflammatory compounds and immuno-suppressive qualities. Thus, it is the perfect natural medication for diseases like arthritis, multiple sclerosis, sore muscles, and even cancer.
  2. Pain killer – people have been using cannabis as a pain killer for centuries, but the use of cannabis oil as a medication for pain is more recent. CBD can reduce pain when interacting with the endocannabinoids and receptors in the body. It decreases inflammation and tricks neurotransmitters and their perceptions of pain. The human endocannabinoid system regulates the immune system, central nervous and peripheral nervous systems, moods, sleep and appetite. If this system remains in balance, the body is healthy, but there will be pain, inflammation, and disease if it sways out of balance.
  3. Acne – this skin condition is a result of inflammation and an imbalance in the body’s largest organ, the skin. It is also related to too much bacteria and sebum (an oily secretion produced by the sebaceous glands). CBD can reduce inflammation and slow down sebum production. In a similar way, CBD can treat psoriasis, an autoimmune disease where the skin cells are replaced every 3 to 5 days instead of every 30 days. The skin becomes red and itchy and can be triggered by stress and environmental factors. CBD can treat psoriasis as it clings to the body’s CB2 endocannabinoid receptors and interacts with the immune system’s signalling system.
  4. Epilepsy and multiple sclerosis (neurological disorders) – CBD can interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to positively affect brain signalling that can benefit neurological disorders. CBD can assist patients with multiple sclerosis to decrease muscle spasticity. Patients with epilepsy showed a reduction in seizure frequency and intensity. Even children can take CBD safely as it has no side effects and is a natural, organic medication. People with similar neurological diseases can wean themselves off their pharmaceutical medicines, decreasing these drugs’ terrible side effects.
  5. Cancer and chemotherapy side effects – CBD can reduce chemotherapy impacts such as nausea and vomiting, lack of appetite, insomnia, pain and depression. Tests have been done which reveal that CBD can stop cancer cells in their tracks. The cannabinoid causes cancer cells to commit suicide instead of multiplying and dividing uncontrollably as they do. The CBD also prevents tumours from spreading. More research must be done, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence showing how CBD helps cancer patients.

The excellent health benefits of cannabis oil are many. So many people have improved their lives with cannabis oil for their health. Please Contact Cannabis Therapy with all your questions about cannabis oil and its innate healing qualities.