First-time users of cannabis always want to know: Can you overdose on cannabis oil? The answer is yes, and no. There are many different ways to take cannabis and many various cannabis products to choose from. You have to educate yourself about the cannabis products you are dabbling in, then try a method that will not make you high. Can you overdose on cannabis oil? Not if you are careful. But if you do have too much, it is not the end of the world, and you will recover. There are some common-sense steps you can take to alleviate the symptoms of an occasional, or accidental, overdose of cannabis oil!

The best way to avoid an overdose on cannabis oil is to choose high cannabidiol (CBD) oil which will not have psychoactive tendencies. CBD is a well-known cannabinoid that has healed many common and chronic ailments through time. CBD tends to instil a sense of relaxation in the user while treating pain, inflammation, insomnia, lack of appetite, anxiety and depression. Being non-psychotic, CBD can also counteract the psychoactive effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), making people high. You can overdose on THC cannabis oil, yes. But you will survive. You will experience unpleasant feelings and sensations such as paranoia, anxiety, sweaty and generally a bit abnormal. But these, too, will pass.

Can You Overdose on Cannabis Oil

Safe Cannabis Oil Intake Methods – To Avoid an Overdose

  • Topicals – cannabis creams are easy to use on the skin, making sure you don’t get high. Rub the balm into the skin liberally, several times a day, to get relief from inflammation, pain, sore joints and aching muscles. Avoid any contact with your brain, and you cannot overdose this way.
  • Capsules – these pills are pre-dosed for your safety, so you are taking just the right amount of cannabis for your needs. Easy to use while travelling or at work, cannabis oil capsules are instant pain relievers and keep you calm all day.
  • Tinctures – drop a few drops at a time on your tongue a few times a day. Add more drops if you suffer severe pain or other symptoms that require instant effects. Make sure you choose CBD tinctures to avoid feeling high.
  • Eating – the effects of cannabis oil take about 2 hours when you eat it, and you can overdose, so be careful. Take a tiny dose of CBD variety (5mg) and work your way up to an amount of about 20mg when you are ready.
  • Smoking – again, this can cause a high if you go for THC cannabis oils. Instead, take small puffs when you need to relieve pain or anxiety or other chronic illnesses, not huge inhalations. Remember that the overdose feelings only last about 30 minutes if you take too much.


What to Do to Avoid an Overdose of Cannabis Oil

  • Please educate yourself about cannabis, cannabis oil and its side effects. Know your dosage for your condition – if you suffer chronic pain because you have cancer, you will need much more cannabis oil than someone who cannot sleep at night. Everyone has different tolerance levels for cannabis, and you need to chat with people who are taking cannabis oil to find out how they feel when they take it.
  • Start with a small amount of cannabis oil to ensure you cannot overdose. When you feel used to a small dose or do not do anything for you, add more. But know how much you need for your ailments.
  • Choose CBD above THC but if you need THC to heal a specific disease or condition, then make sure it is combined with CBD, which mitigates the psychoactive properties of the THC.
  • Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol. Water will help you avoid a dry mouth, and if you drink alcohol while taking cannabis products, you will overdose as the THC increases in your bloodstream.
  • Black pepper is beneficial if you feel paranoid and anxious after taking your cannabis oil. Give it a sniff, and you will feel better.
  • Rest and relax to keep calm. Stay away from other people, and save yourself quiet at home.
  • Go for a brisk walk to clear your brain and system if you are not too dizzy. This will help process the cannabis oil and keep your energy levels up.
  • Distract yourself from a hobby, some music, TV or your pet. You will feel great soon.

Chat to us about whether it is possible to overdose on cannabis oil. Cannabis Therapy recommends tiny doses of cannabis oil if you are a first-timer. All our products are carefully managed for your needs.