Cannabis Oil for Stress

We are often contacted by patients who want to know more about cannabis oil for stress. Stress is a natural human phenomenon that used to save people from danger. The fight or flight syndrome was accurate and allowed people to use their gut feelings to escape or face danger. Stress has become something that permeates our days, our lives in the modern world. People work all the time and find no time to play. This imbalance in life results in stress which is an overload of work and daily living demands. These include relationships on all levels, work issues, financial issues, family problems and now, climate change and environmental conditions that threaten the way we live and are forcing us to change.

Stress has a positive side and can motivate, as it is essential for human survival. However, when the flight or fight mechanism is triggered too much for the wrong reasons, it can cause mental and physical harm.

How Can Cannabis Oil Benefit Stress?

Cannabis oil treats the causes and symptoms of stress. It can help to release feel-good hormones and relax the mind. It reduces anxiety and promotes tranquillity. Studies done in Israel show that when cannabis oil is given to patients after emotional trauma, the stress is less, and the risk of long term stress disorders is reduced. Cannabinoids diminished the brain’s stress receptors, where sensory information and emotions are managed. Cannabis oil can ease insomnia and lack of appetite and curb depression. Cannabinoids can modulate neurotransmitters’ release and can create higher levels of pleasure and changes in memory functions.

Cannabis Therapy suggested treatment guidelines:

Cannabis Oil for Stress

Panacea THC/CBD tincture, and the patient can take five drops twice daily (morning and night).