About Cannabis Therapy

Welcome to Cannabis Therapy, a website that strives to promote the benefits associated with medical grade cannabis oil.

How it all started..

It all started when the Cannabis Therapy founders met a little boy called Oscar. Oscar was diagnosed with Autism and his parents found that by including medical grade CBD oil in his diet, his overall ability to deal with day by day tasks was dramatically improved.

The founders of Cannabis Therapy decided that they had a duty to spread the message, and alert other parents, about the natural safe therapy options that exist out there, and that further awareness about the health benefits of medical grade cannabis oil should be brought to light and easily accessible to patients seeking natural alternative treatment options.

Cannabis Therapy prides itself on being a forum where medically-relevant articles are written and uploaded weekly. We aim to highlight the benefits of introducing medical grade cannabis products into a patient’s diet. Our team of medical professionals wants to spread awareness about the wonders of cannabis oil and other cannabis products which can heal countless ailments naturally and in many cases without the ugly side effects that are associated with the conventional pharmaceutical medication.

Cannabis Therapy works exclusively with Panacea oil. Panacea oil is a major player on the South African market, consisting of a team of passionate medical professionals. The team at Panacea Oil decided that it was high time a company started producing medical grade cannabis products that are both affordable and effective and easily available to South African consumers.

Arthritis Foundation launch 

The Arthritis Foundation approached Cannabis Therapy in 2017 to develop a topical cannabis balm for people suffering from arthritis. In partnership with Panacea oil, we managed to develop the Panacea Ultra Pain Balm. This product was officially endorsed by the acting CEO of the Foundation Aletta Van Der Watt at a launching ceremony in January 2018. Since then the Panacea Ultra Pain balm has flooded the market and is helping countless patients who were suffering in pain.

Cannabis Therapy today

Cannabis Therapy today comprises an expert team of medical professionals who have experience in successfully treating a whole range of serious illnesses. These include all forms of cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, epilepsy, diabetes and multiple sclerosis to name but a few.

The entire Cannabis Therapy team has one clear goal in mind: to work effortlessly to help all our patients achieve a substantially better quality of life. We aim to do this by providing quality cannabis oil products, rich in CBD and other cannabinoids currently available in South Africa. We also strive to educate our clients about the benefits of these products, spreading awareness about alternative natural therapies available in our country.

Placing Orders 

Cannabis Therapy is based in Somerset West. Our products are available nationally and couriered door to door (no additional costs involved). Please fill in the contact form in order to find out more about our products and services.